BEAU, a Puppy's Tale

A Children's Book aimed at helping kids overcome bullying and gain self-esteem
Written and illustrated by Janice Marie Cook
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In this book we meet little dog Beau,
In the beginning he's full of woe,
But who knows just how the roadway bends,
You just might meet some special new friends,
Over the hill and over the dale,
Follow along on a Puppy's Tale.

Beau, a Puppy's Tale

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During his travels,

bullying Beau meets a number of woodland characters whom he befriends and help him on his mission:

A Squirrel with a lisp, a Bird with a stammer and a head like a hammer, an Owl with a scowl, Q-tip and a Puppy with a paintbrush tip tail.

Part prose and part rollicking rhyme, Beau, a Puppy's Tale is a charming story of an adorable but unhappy little puppy, and the adventures he has on the journey to find himself. Through Beau I believe children everywhere can learn how to deal with bullying through attaining self-esteem. Also stressed are lessons in diversity and the importance of learning to read. It makes an excellent read-aloud book.

Meet Beau,

bullyingmy beloved rescue dog, as beautiful on the inside as he is on the outside. Part Lab and Border Collie, Beau has an amazing vocabulary. I can speak to him in conversational tones, rather than simple commands. His special, endearing qualities, exhuberance and love of life inspired me to write this book.
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Real Beau, from a puppy's tale

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